Let your family and closest friends be your guardians.
Start a session during your jogging tour or during your walk home in the dark and they can follow you on the map during the session. You can chat and send pictures to them and you can alert them if you want their attention.
Available now on Android and iPhone

Short overview

  • Download the app and create an account.
  • Add one or more friends to be your guardians.
  • When you are going home alone at night you start a session so your guardians can follow you.
  • They can now follow you on the map and you can send them messages and images.
  • If you do not cancel the session in time they get alerted with a noisy sound.
  • Trigger an alert during a session by pushing a button or pull out the headphone
  • You can always trigger an alert to your guardians and they get your locations on their map.
  • It is only your guardians who can see your location and only when you have started a session yourself!
  • Do not use this app for real emergency situations! Allways call your national emergency number, 911 or 112 or the number being used in your country and let professionals handle the situation!

Privacy policy

MyGuardians is storing as less information as possible from you. We just collect as much information that is needed to get the functions of the app working. We handle the information strictly confidential and are not going to share this information with anybody!

The data we collect

For the account information we need to store the email address you register with, the nickname and pin code you are using. We are not going to email any advertisements, the only time we will send you emails is when you register, have lost your pin code or if we want to notice you that we are doing maintenance on the server which can affect the function of the app. We are also keeping information on who your guardians and protegés are. During a session we also store your location data and the images you are sending to your guardians. This data is automatically deleted from the server after 10 hours and is handled strictly confidential.